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  1. Full Moon in February , Full Moon in Virgo 0°42’, February 19 | umezukaposux.tk
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Celebrate the Equinox by gardening. If you don't have a green thumb, try decorating your home with flowers and journaling about what you'd like to grow in your own life. You can also craft a vision board if you're a visual person. March 20 — Full Moon in Libra : Libra is a luxurious sign that loves to look their best , so treat yourself to a spring make-over. Make your plans during this full moon in lovely Libra. Note: Depending on your time zone, this also may take place on the 20th.

Full Moon in February , Full Moon in Virgo 0°42’, February 19 | umezukaposux.tk

March 28 — Mercury Goes Direct : Phew! Say goodbye to Mercury in retrograde as you breathe a sigh of relief: The week of lost emails and screwy commutes is over.

April 5 — New Moon in Aries : Enjoy the spring weather and celebrate a new moon cycle by throwing a dinner party, and embrace Aries energy to ensure you're the queen of the table as the new lunar cycle begins as the moon moves through Aries. Use this period to reflect. Jupiter rules laws, philosophy, and wisdom, so when this planet is retrograde take a moment to pause and reflect upon how those themes affect your life. April 19 — Full Moon in Libra : Conclude a cycle by re-organizing your closet a the moon transits in Libra, the sign of balance. Donate old winter clothes or put them into storage, or do a spell to attract new love with Libra power, which is the sign of relationships.

April 20 — Taurus Season Begins : Depending on your time zone it may be the 19th, but it's no coincidence that this day is also a friendly holiday. Taureans love all things luxury, and that includes indulging in cannabis , possibly in a park with a well-curated picnic. May 4 — New Moon in Taurus : Act like a cuddly cow Taurus is represented by the bull and stay in for a lavish new moon bath by soaking in salts to cleanse and replenish as we celebrate new beginnings with a new moon in the sign of opulent Taurus.

May 18 — Full Moon in Scorpio : There is only one way to spend a full moon in Scorpio, the sign of sex and death, and that is by furiously masturbating under the light of the new moon or getting your kink on with a partner. May 21— Gemini Season Begins : Geminis, like Scorpios, may have a bad reputation I blame Donald Trump but actually are one of the most delightful signs.

They're the life of the party, and as the sign of the twins, they can make great romantic partners because they're in search of their other half. June 3 — New Moon in Gemini : Go out on this dark summer night to a party or local bar and kick off the new lunar cycle Gemini-style by getting your flirt on. Wear something sheer and flowy as the new moon transits through Gemini. What the two signs have in common is that they both know how to capture a crowd.

Let June be a month of heading to parties and soaking up attention. Full moons are infamous for bringing out our animal nature, so lean into that impulse — but this time, wear sequins so the moonlight can bounce off you like a disco ball as it occupies the energy of Sagittarius. June 18 — Saturn Sextile Neptune : This is the second time this transit occurs in , with a third one approaching in November in a celestial occurrence that hasn't happened since What aspects of your life were you focused on that far back?

Reflect and make any connections for your personal journey, and as mentioned in your horoscope beware of overindulging during this transit. June 21 — Cancer Season Begins : Cancer, represented by the crab , loves its shell, which means the home is very important to them. Enjoy a cuddly night at home with your own family friends, partners, and pets count to kick off this season and rest from so much partying.

June 21 — Summer Solstice : The first day of Cancer season is also the summer solstice. Just because you're staying inside doesn't mean you can't let the sunlight in. Celebrate with a BBQ and invite anyone your nearest and dearest. July 2 — New Moon in Cancer : Embrace the fresh start of a dark sky, new moon, and new lunar cycle by gathering inside with your coven.

This doesn't need to be an "official" coven; friends and family count , but whatever makes you feel at home and loved with a new moon in Cancer. As mentioned before, eclipses are emotional times often full of surprises, so it's safest to stay in with people you trust and lay low.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

July 7 — Mercury Retrograde : Don't panic; just triple-check all emails and hold off on signing any important paperwork if you can. July 22 — Leo Season Begins : Leo, the magnificent lion of the zodiac , loves attention. Put on an outfit you love and head to a party, your favorite club, or anywhere that makes you feel confident and alive. July 31 — New Moon in Leo : As new moons are beginnings, use this night to reflect or perform some candle magick if you hope to see some advancement in your career.

August 11— Jupiter Goes Direct : Reflect on what wisdom you've learned throughout the year, and since Jupiter went retrograde in April, and put such learnings to use. Money follow a similar pattern, too, and there is some gambling luck, as well. Of course, as always, do remember the stars only improve your odds. Nonetheless, there may be some stress and self-doubt if you are in the procedure of taking some important decisions regarding your career.

This is, of course, only natural, and overcoming this self-doubt can help you achieve even more. Psychotherapists and similar careers receive even more of these blessings. You have a tendency to think negatively and to get easily discouraged and distracted.

Do your best to avoid these traps and the Full Moon and the waning Moon period will be mostly — if not only — beneficial to you. In fact, the sky is indeed mostly auspicious for almost every aspect of your life. Studies, travelling and whatever has to do with the internet and technology receives even more support.

Magic and spirituality are strong for all under the influences of this Full Moon and during the waning Moon period, but even more so for you. In the same time, all kinds of creative and artistic works receive much support. Spiritual and energy healers can see their powers raising, whether you are doing it for professional or personal reasons.


This Week in Astrology

Also, work receives mostly beneficial influences. It can become quite successful, too. Computers, smartphones and other high-tech gadgets can cause you some problems, though. If you need to replace them, do so after consideration and research and, preferably, from shops that have a good return policy. Business meetings and your relationship with your business partners, superiors and colleagues can be a little stressful during this period. The same goes for whatever issues with the law you may have. If your life partner is also a business partner or a colleague, you may experience this aspect even more stressfully.

Other than those, though, both work and love seem to be going on nicely. Social life also receives much support. Strengthening your existing relationships, friendly or romantic ones, receives more help than expanding your social circle.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

The latter, though, is also possible, with some effort. Also, studies, teaching, preaching, and similar occupations can be more lucky than others. Work and whatever you consider as such — other than studying for actual student — receives much focus and much support from the stars. Studies, on the other hand, can become stressful and a change in your teachers, schools or course can happen, usually in an unsettling way. Back to work, successes of all kinds and improvements of all kinds can take place. Jobs related to health and beauty receive more support than the rest.

Physical health seems quite good. Emotional health and well-being can be a bit more troublesome. Nonetheless, healing, there, is also strong and effective. On the other hand, love receives very good influences, both for those in a relationship and for those seeking one. In most cases, more than necessarily so. Travelling also receives very good influences and, especially because of the coming retrograde Mercury, if you need to travel, try to do it during this waning Moon.

Full Moon February 22, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

Understanding anew what makes you happy and what keeps you back and restricts your happiness is possible to happen, under the influences of this Full Moon. If you do try to avoid it, though, it may come in a more unpleasant way.

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Although love life in general receives some very helpful energies, it can also become quite stressful. This is even more true for those in a marriage or a long-term relationship.

Moon Phases for Auckland, 4 Nov 12222 – 27 Nov 12222

Take it as an opportunity to permanently solve issues and problems in your relationship, for this is exactly what this influence is all about. Other than that, personal and family life seems happy. Health also receives very good and healing influences and overcoming problems there is possible. Also work seems to be quite good and productive.

Traditional and alternative healers can have an even better period work wise than the rest. Love life receives very beneficial influences during this period. Those in a relationship will enjoy this relationship more than they usually do. Those seeking a relationship will have opportunities to find a good one. Helping this influence to manifest, of course, will raise your odds even more. Going out, having fun and keeping a smile and a joyful attitude will help a lot.

Friends and friendships also are important and they can improve and become more joyful. Work, though, receives some support and some stress. It can become more busy in a tiresome rather than productive way. Works of transportation and communication will experience this influence more intensively than the rest. Also, health needs some extra attention.

At this time you may feel the very weight of your being, the immeasurable light of your soul, divorced from all circumstances, associations, relationships, or trajectories. This is a time of rare spiritual accord with the universe, and of centering from deep within. Voluntary isolation at least for a day to take in all the messages from the universe bubbling up from within your own consciousness would be really restorative for you.

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